The Trouble with DIY

With all the tools Brides have online to help plan their wedding there has been a huge surge in Do It Yourself Weddings. Pinterest posts step by step instructions, Youtube gives you a full video and the local craft store is filled with print your own, make your own wedding related products. For the crafty bride this means a lot of fun and creativity (and an opportunity for a girls night with your bridal party). For the budget conscious bride this seems like the answer. Not the same thing.

I myself am a crafty person. I have a degree in fine art and studied both art history but also the practical side of painting, sculpting sketching etc. So I am a great candidate for making something for a wedding. I am detail oriented and good with my hands. Some brides are like me and will thrive making DIY invitations or favours. Some brides, however, are not.

The danger with DIY is that if you are not a wedding professional you have never done the project before. You have no idea how long it will take you. Chances are it will take you at least twice as long as you think. Not exactly a stress free scenario. You can imagine how frustrated you will get when your “easy as 1, 2, 3” invitations get eaten by your home printer. Not fun.

But the above example for invitations is for something that is done months in advance of your big day. Something like flowers has to be done a few days before. Can you imagine the level of stress you would encounter if it was two days before your wedding and you couldn’t get your bouquet to look the way you want it to?! Not only would you likely relent and give up on the project, but now you will have to rush to florist and pay a rush charge for whatever flowers you can get your hands on. Months and months of planning gone down the drain and you’ve probably lost some of your hair.

You wouldn’t try to fix your carburetor if you weren’t a mechanic right? You take it to a pro, so that you know the job will be done right the first time and delivered to you the way you expect. The same goes for your wedding pros. It may seem like doing it yourself will save you money, but once you factor in your time, gas, retail pricing and lack of knowledge and skill leaving it to those who do it everyday is by far the better way to go. You also won’t end up paying for things twice because you messed up your version first and THEN hired a pro.

A good wedding pro will be upfront about what you will get for your budget and how everything will fit into your vision. Trust in us and our experience. We have participated in many more weddings than you have believe me. Plus it leaves you more time to kick back at the spa before your wedding. Doesn’t that sound more appealing…


Trust in the experts who deliver exceptional quality for the best price. Contact us today for your design consultation.

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