Flowers A to Z : The Anthurium

Perhaps one of the most unique looking flowers I have ever come across is the Anthurium flower. A favourite of tropical flower themed weddings this almost artificial looking bloom (it looks like shiny plastic, until you touch it) are a great option for the bride looking for something different.

The Anthurium flower is a tropical flower originating from South America, and is used in tropical themed wedding floral decor. Featuring a wide flat leaf like “petal” Anthurium is probably most recognizable in it’s potted houseplant form.

White anthurium closely resembles a call lily, if its petal were flattened out.

A true tropical flower with a shiny waxy appearance the Anthurium is large and offers a unique texture to floral arrangements. It’s sculptural quality lends itself well for use in cascading style bouquets with other tropical flowers such as orchids, tropical leaves etc.

Pink Anthuriums styled in a cascade bouquet.


Red anthurium's pop against chartreuse cymbidium orchids and tropical leaves.

The Anthurium is available all year round as it is field grown in the tropical climates of Queensland, Hawaii and South America, as well as greenhouses. The most common colours are red, pink and white with different colour gradations on the petal, but both green and brown varieties can also be found.

Due to it’s tropical origins, the Anthurium flower must be kept in a warm temperature so refrigeration is a huge DON’T!


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