An Afternoon in Wonderland

Details really become the best part of an event. Especially when the event is themed. I was very excited to put my detail skills to work with my sisters bridal shower this past weekend. She wanted an Alice in Wonderland type of tea party since her shower was going to be a brunch (yum, brunch is the best meal!) at a local country club.

So rather than have a character driven theme (which really can turn tacky quickly) I chose instead to lean on the tea party idea with lots of bright colours. I decided to put to use the multiple tea sets and tea cups I have had in storage as the centerpieces and they were absolutely perfect. Since the point is for them to be mismatched this is an easy and inexpensive look to recreate since you don’t have to spend money on vases. You can just use what you have or find pieces at your local flea market!

Collection of vintage teacups and teapots

The country club room is a beautiful room with an entire wall of windows, and is a completely blank canvas. Bright colours and a wildflower look were the inspiration for the decor which also included tissue paper flowers on each chair back to pack a colourful punch.

Tissue paper flowers on the chair backs really brightened up the room.

The centerpiece were comprised of a silver tray with a silver teapot, silver creamer and a floral teacup with saucer. Each was overflowing with gorgeous Cherry Brandy Roses, Hot Pink Spray Roses, Purple Stock, Yellow and Orange Tulips, Green Button Mums and Purple Wax Flower. The more colour the better! The overall look was EXACTLY what I had pictured! The bride was pretty thrilled too!

Tea party themed centerpieceColourful blooms in silver tea service

If you love this creative shower idea incorporating a popular movie/fairytale theme be sure to check out our Vignette at The Original Wedding Soiree this coming Sunday, March 17th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Yorkville. We will be featuring a VERY popular movie at the theme inspiration for our entire concept. (Hint, the remake film was released this past weekend) Make sure you check it out!


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