Flowers A to Z – Astilbe

With the current trend of all things vintage inspired in weddings, many brides are looking for a “wildflower” or more organic looking design in their wedding flowers and bouquets. They want it to look like they just went into the garden and gathered up a bunch of flowers right before walking down the aisle. For this type of aesthetic flowers that look like they grow in your own backyard are preferred and for this the Astilbe flower is perfect.

Combined with a mix of other flowers astilbe is a great accents for a "wildflower" look.

Also known at “Goat’s Beard” Astilbe is a stalk flower with plumes of feathery flowers along its length. It very much looks like something you would find in a field. It’s soft appearance and varied height makes it a great choice for a more organic and loose style bouquet. Available in white, pink and burgundy Astilbe is a beautiful addition to a floral design aiming to be vintage, soft and a little bit rustic.

White Astilbe softens the structure of this peony bouquet.

A blush pink astilbe bouquet compliments the softeness of this gown's romantic ruffled skirt

Astilbe is available from March through September making it a popular choice for outdoor themed and garden weddings. This flower does drink a lot of water so ensuring it is well hydrated is key to preserving its beauty. Astilbe is also suitable for drying so a bouquet containing it will be able to be preserved and kept as a keepsake.


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