All About the Iris

Dominique’s wedding was centered around her love of the Iris flower, which intrigued me from the start since the iris isn’t a commonly used flower in weddings. But boy did it turn out lovely! Her palette consisted of two shade of purple iris, the darker more royal purple and the lighter more periwinkle colour, along with purple and white hydrangea, lavender roses and touches of magenta in the church flowers and bouquets.

Purple pew markers

Pew markers with iris, roses and hydrangea

Since her bridal party was just herself and her Maid of Honour she wanted the bouquets to really pop so we added some magenta into the mix to brighten things up even more! The bouquets consisted of two shades of iris, picasso calla lilies, white and lavender roses, spray roses and magenta dendrobium orchids. It turned out to be quite the striking combination!

Bouquets of calla lilies, orchids, roses and purple iris

Dominique bridal entrance

The palette at the reception was softer with some crystal accents to make the room sparkle.  White and purple tinted hydrangea globes were accented with the darker purple iris and lavender roses. They sat atop fluted glass containers with a pretty ceramic base and we added a swagged crystal garland around the base of the flowers. The result was classic elegance.

Centerpieces of hydrangea, roses and purple iris

Simple centerpieces of hydrangea, roses and iris.

As is obvious by my lack of photo’s this wedding was a fun one to attend! Best wishes to Dominique and her new husband Brian on their marriage, and a special thank you for choosing such a unique flower to work with. It was truly a pleasure!

For more wedding inspiration or to request a quote please contact us today.

~ Ashley

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