Modern Angles at The Grand Luxe

The first weekend in June really kicked off wedding season with not one, but two weddings on the same day! That’s right, two completely different style concepts, sets of flowers, locations and deliveries (yes, it was a looooong day). As a result of the whirlwind day I neglected to snap many pictures, however I will share the few that I did manage, even though they are not the greatest.

Bride Sherilyn wanted something different from the get go. Together with fab wedding planner Melissa Nowakowski from ET Lofte Wedding and Event Coordination we pitched her a modern floral design for her eggplant and burnt orange colour scheme. Sleek calla lilies and tulips in purple and orange along with voluminous white hydrangea were the only flowers we used in the designs for the bridal party, church flowers and reception.

The altar arrangements featured orange and purple tulip groupings along with white hydrangea layered at opposing angles to look as though they were almost toppling out of the vases.

Cascading tulips and hydrangea groupings make for simple but stunning altar pieces.

Tall centerpieces were a globe of hydrangea atop a glass cylinder vase with illusion calla lilies pierced through the hydrangea at different angles. It looked like the calla lily stems went right through the entire arrangement!

Modern centerpieces with hydrangea globe and sculpted calla lilies at The Grand Luxe

Calla lilies appear to be stuck completely through the hydrangea globe of the tall centerpieces.

Modern reception decor in purple and orange at The Grand Luxe

Long family style rectangular tables got a separate treatment with groupings of single bloom arrangements angled in their vases to cascade over the edge.

Family style tables got groupings of tulips and hydrangea along their entire length.

The finished room looked fantastic and both the planner and bride were thrilled with the result. One down for a big whirlwind weekend! Up next, part 2. Stay tuned…


For more wedding inspiration and floral design please contact us today for a design consultation.

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