Vanda Orchids in Stunning Purple

For the second wedding on the same day the style was completely opposite. Bride Mirka, more of a girlie girl, chose a colour scheme of purple and pink for her wedding and was after a pretty and romantic look. I was only able to snap a few pictures of the centerpieces during set up, but I just had to share because the purple vanda orchids that I got in were absolutely STUNNING! Honestly, they were the size of my entire hand!

Purple and pink centerpiece of vanda orchids, lilies and hydrangea

Hydrangea, lilies, roses and vanda orchids in shades of purple and pink.

We decided to have half of the centerpieces low and the other half tall to create some variation in the room, though the centerpieces were all the same flowers. A mix of white and purple tinted hydrangea with lavender roses and pink stargazer lilies were the backdrop for the fabulous purple mokara orchids that were the showstopper in the arrangement.

Tall purple and pink centerpiece with hydrangea, lilies and vanda orchids

Sorry again for the lack of pictures, but I will post more once the photographer gets them to me! Mirka and her husband Zsolt were one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with and their day was everything they hoped for, which was exactly what they deserved. Happy marriage to the both of you!


For always beautiful flowers for your wedding or special event contact us today for a design consultation.

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