Personalizing your Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is perhaps the most important set of flowers in your entire wedding. After all it is in practically every photograph, both close up and far away. The bouquet is a part of a brides overall wedding look and what she chooses for her flowers will remain part of her day for years to come.

Since weddings are a time for tradition and sentiments many brides choose to honour loved ones or heritage through different wedding elements. A bouquet is one way a bride can pay homage to her past, a loved one or to herself.

Bouquet Wraps:

Vintage lace bouquet wrap from the brides grandmothers dress

A custom lace wrap made of lace from both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom's wedding dresses.

Increasingly we are seeing brides choose entirely new elements for their wedding attire. A bride will often choose a new dress over one her mother or grandmother wore, for reasons of fit, style or comfort. However, a great way to incorporate an family members wedding dress is to use a piece of fabric to fashion the wrap of the bouquet. Pieces of lace, satin or embroidered elements are easily incorporated over the ribbon of a bouquet to add that special touch. And the wrap can also double as your something old!


Sparkly bouquet accents for the bling loving bride

A vintage brooch and crystal and pearl pins add flair to this simple peony bouquet.

Yes, you can accessorize your bouquet! Bouquet jewlery is becoming more and more popular for brides who want a little sparkle in their flowers. Brooches, pins and collars encrusted with rhinestone, peals and other jewels are a simple way to add some flair and make your bouquet stand out amongst the rest.

Flower Type:

The Scottish Thistle in this bouquet and matching tartan ribbon were a tribute to the groom's Scottish heritage.

Princess Kate carried Sweet William blooms in her bouquet as a nod to her husband to be.


Some brides will honour a loved one by carrying the flowers that their family members carried at their wedding, as a tribute. Additionally, different flowers, in different colours represent certain meanings, so choosing a bloom that represents a particular trait or wish for your marriage in your bouquet is a lovely way to add meaning.

Whatever you choose, remember that your bridal bouquet is a detail not to be overlooked. Just like your wedding dress, your bouquet should reflect who you are, enhance your beauty and even honour your past.


For more bridal bouquet inspiration please contact us for your design consultation today!

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