The Importance of Setting a Budget

Your wedding day is perhaps the most special day of your life.  We all dream of our wedding day from the time we were little girls, picturing the dress, the flowers and our own prince charming. We all want to feel like our own version of a princess for just one day. Then there is the reality. The cost of a wedding is a down payment on a house, a new car or college tuition. Many struggle with spending such a large amount of money on ONE day, even though it is THE day.

With such high exposure to online images and media brides have every option available to them at the click of a mouse. Tools like online wedding planners, pinterest and websites dedicated to all things wedding related means that brides today have unlimited access to ideas and inspiration for planning their big day.

The problem with this proliferation of images is that there is rarely a price tag attached. Brides create inspiration boards to gather their ideas and while this is a great tool for your vendors, if you don’t know the cost of that centerpiece, gown or ring you are likely in for a rude awakening.

Experienced wedding vendors know to ask for a budget upfront and directly. We are not looking to pressure you or put you on the spot. We are trying to manage your expectations. Here is how I explain it to my brides at consultations. When you give me a budget for all of the elements you want to include (ie. number of bouquets, number of centerpieces, ceremony decor etc) I will design the florals based on what your budget will allow. I will not use premium orchids if your budget only allows for roses. Rather than showing you an over the top design and hoping you will fall in love with it and spend the money I would rather show you what you can afford and if its not what you pictured YOU decide to spend more money to get what you want. It’s like trying on a $10,000 Vera Wang dress when you have a $2,000 budget. You will not be happy with the later and you will either end up settling or going way over budget.

When you sit down with your florist, or any wedding vendor, having an idea of a budget is always a good idea. At least a number that you are comfortable with to see what it gets you. Your wedding pro is there to guide you and show you what you will get for your budget, allowing you to make the informed decision as to whether that budget needs to be increased to get the look you want. Your wedding pro can also show you how to stretch your budget to get the most out of it. For example, I often recommend spending the most money where it will be seen the longest. Your guests will be spending 5-6 hours at your reception, and only about 1 hour at your ceremony, so spend more on your reception decor to get more bang for your buck. I also recommend to go for EXACTLY what you want in your bouquets. They are in almost every picture and you only have to buy a small amount of them so make them beautiful. It would be such a shame years later to look back at your photos and say,  “I really wish I had spent the extra $100 to get the bouquet of my dreams.”

Just as your vendors will be upfront and direct, so can you when it comes to discussing price. I encourage brides to send me photos of florals they like and I will price out for them what they would cost and make suggestions to save a few dollars. Ensure you ask what the price includes. Does it include the vase for the centerpiece? Is there an extra charge for set up and delivery? Are there any other service charges or taxes that you should be aware of? Ask all of these question in advance to ensure that you don’t end up with surprises on your final bill.

A good wedding pro will answer all of these questions with ease and reasoning in an open conversation with you. It’s about transparency and good service. After all, we want you to be happy with our work and enjoy your special day. You only get one, and we are happy to be apart of it!


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