Stand Up For What You Want

Last week I met up with some long lost girlfriends to celebrate a birthday. Many of them are newly married or engaged so naturally weddings were a hot topic.

While chatting about the details of one newlywed’s big day, she made a comment about being strong armed into choosing some of her vendors by family members. Overall she was happy with her big day, but there were some things concerning these particular vendors that she wasn’t happy with in the end. Her advice to the currently engaged bride planning her wedding; stand up for what you want.

As a wedding vendor this conversation gave me pause. I thought about all of the brides I have met with, who brought along their family or friends to their consultations. Sometimes the bride runs the show and her entourage is there as sideline support. But, other times the appointment gets hijacked by a rogue supporter and the bride looses her voice. It’s not worth the fight some say. That detail doesn’t really matter to me, say others.

But the thing to remember about your wedding is that its YOUR day. If you want to pass the responsibility of deciding an element of your wedding to someone else, that is completely your choice. But being strong armed into relinquishing control is not going to end happily. The last thing you want is to look back on the day you spent so much time and effort on and feel regret for not speaking up. Stand up for what you want and be honest, yet firm about it. Your groom-to-be will offer support as well. Make your choices together, for the benefit of your day. After all, your friends and family want you to be happy.



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