Peonies Are A Must

When a very close friend of mine got engaged she immediately called me with the news and to book me for flowers. What shocked me a bit was the date she picked for her wedding, as for as long as I have known Laura I have known of her love of fall colours. Which is why when she announced a May wedding date I was surprised. Her reason, she had to have Peonies for her bridal bouquet and she knew they were only available in late spring! Chuckling, I agreed and followed up with, “But of course we are doing orange for the girls right?” “Absolutely!” she replied. Makes my job pretty easy doesn’t it?!

Laura chose a palette of slate grey and deep orange for her bridesmaids, while keeping her bridal look all white. We set to work designing a glorious bouquet of white peonies and roses with a dusty miller collar to tie in the grey as an alternative to traditional greenery.

White peonies and dusty miller bridal bouquet

Oversized white bouquet of peonies, garden roses and dusty miller

Since peonies are not available in orange, we selected a combination of fluttery orange ranunculus and fragrant free spirit garden roses for the bridesmaids bouquets. They added the perfect pop of colour against the grey dresses!

Vibrant orange roses and ranunculus for the bridesmaids bouquets

Great shot of the bridal party showcasing the slate grey and orange colour scheme. Photo Credit:

A suite of boutonnieres was created for the men, each matching their partners. For the groom; a white peony bud, for the groomsmen; a single orange rose, and for the parents; white ranunculus. All were accented with dusty miller.

Selection of boutonnieres: Peony bud, rose and ranunculus all accented with dusty miller

The men with the pretty bouquets

Laura’s was an example of how important it is for a bride to insist on what she really wants, while being flexible enough to understand certain limitations and work within them. For her it meant a spring wedding with fall inspirations. The result was a Bride who was completely thrilled with the outcome!


For always beautiful and custom floral design contact us today for a design consultation.

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