A Hawaiian Wedding in November

When we met our couple Jerina and Denion one thing was very clear; their love of Hawaii. They travel there frequently and got married in a small ceremony there, so they wished to create a tropical feel for their wedding reception in Toronto. So together with planner Melissa from Et Lofte Events, we set out to design flowers with a tropical feel, while being limited to the winter season. Selecting a palette of warm yellows and rich reds we chose to use orchids predominantly for their tropical feel and year round availability.

Jerina and Denion required two sets of personal flowers, one for their civil wedding ceremony and subsequent photo shoot, and another for their wedding reception a few weeks later. We created the same bouquet and boutonniere each time in a different colour palette. The first bouquet used deep yellow cymbidium orchids with peach roses and lily grasses laced throughout.

Yellow cymbidium orchid and peach rose bridal bouquet and boutonniere

Fall bouquet of orchids and roses

The reception bouquet was softer in colour using ivory cymbidium orchids and butter cream yellow roses with the same lily grass treatment.

Ivory cymbidiums and butter cream roses for the reception bouquet.

Ivory and buttercream bouquet of orchids and roses for the reception

The reception celebration took place at the Magnolia Event Center. Tables were set with a tall arrangement of white hydrangea, yellow lilies, yellow roses and stunning red mokara orchids. Tall glass vases were filled with clear water beads and were lit from within with amber LED lights. The soft glow from the vases helped make the space warm and inviting for guests.

Tropical inspired centerpieces

Tropical inspired centerpieces of hydrangea, lilies, roses and mokara orchids.

Tropical inspired tall centerpieces with candlelight

We so enjoyed working with this couple and the fabulous Melissa as well. Best wishes to the happy couple on a long love filled marriage.


For always beautiful wedding and event flowers contact us for your design consultation today!

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