A Pretty Parisian Proposal

We love to collaborate with truly creative industry pro’s so when planner Arthur K from Fusion Events brought us in for an elaborate proposal we were all for it! The groom to be went all out with this creative proposal. His bride to be loves Paris, absolutely everything about it (who doesn’t?) and her dream was to get engaged at the Eiffel Tower (swoon). Well instead of flying over he brought Paris to her!

Airship 37 in Toronto’s Distillery District was the site for this Parisian dream. The raw white space allowed for the creative team including Helix Candles and our florals to create a floral and luminary lined aisle bathed in a deep blue glow. At the top of the circle on the back wall a projection of the Eiffel Tower was featured complete with Parisian inspired background music and this was where the Groom got down on bended knee.

Parisian Proposal Aisle Layout

Look at that awesome projection of the Eiffel Tower!

Parisian Proposal at Airship 37

To incorporate the bride’s favourite colour blue we gathered lush deep blue tinted hydrangea with deep red roses for the floral arrangements. The contrast was beautiful and fit the Parisian theme to a tee!

Deep red roses with blue hydrangea

Deep romantic colours in the floral reflected the Parisian theme

We were so thrilled with the final result and luckily so was the happy couple! What a great example of how the effort and thought put into a proposal (or any special occasion) is the most important part and is what makes it memorable! Best wishes to this newly engaged couple!


For always creative and beautiful event flowers contact us for your design consultation today!

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