Stunning Red Bouquets

The finishing touch to any bridal look is surely the bouquet. With so many style and colour options available we never create the same one twice which makes it my favourite element to design and produce when it comes to wedding flowers. So when bride Ping sought us out for some bouquets for her bridal party we jumped at the chance to create another floral masterpiece.

Ping’s vision was to create all red bouquets for her and her three bridesmaids. So we designed a different bouquet for each bridesmaid; one of red dahlias, one of red pin cushion protea and leucadendron and one of red ranunculus. We then combined all of the flowers into her bridal bouquet to tie it all together and added burgundy calla lilies for additional contrast. This made Ping’s bouquet a truly stunning composition of some very unique blooms.

Red bouquet of protea, dahlia's, calla lilies and ranunculus

Bridal bouquet of dahlia’s, pin cushion protea, leucadendron, calla lilies & ranunculus. Photo Credit: Andrew Ho Photography.

Rustic red bridal bouquet

All shades of red in this textural and striking bouquet. Photo Credit: Andrew Ho Photography.

Rustic red bouquets for fall wedding

Bouquets complete your bridal party look and make a statement. Red pops against grey bridesmaids dresses and of course the white bridal gown. Photo Credit: Andrew Ho Photography. .

We were so thrilled with the finished product and so was our bride. Though we made only a small contribution to her wedding with the bouquet designs, it was still a joy to work on and we are truly happy to play any role in a bride’s dream day.

Congratulations to Ping and Chris on their marriage and may you have a lifetime filled with love and laughter.


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