Lovely Shades of Purple

The beautiful thing about purple is that nearly every shade of this rich and royal colour goes together. Lucky for us bride Var and groom Anderson chose the colour, but left the palette to us, favouring an array… Read More

Black, White & Loads of Bling at The Avenue

We met bride Helen through fabulous wedding decorator Ann-Marie of Daniel Barker House of Design. Helen’s wedding vision was a colour scheme of black and white with pops of purple and lots of bling. With Ann-Marie handling the… Read More

All White with Black Accents at the Grand Luxe

Considering your venue when deciding on your wedding colour scheme is always a good plan. It helps keep a unified look throughout the space and you can highlight elements of the venue you love. When bride Kristy came… Read More

Loads of Baby’s Breath at Liberty Grand

The beauty of a bloom is sometimes best highlighted by featuring it alone. While baby’s breath earned a not so nice reputation in weddings back in the 80’s it has made a HUGE comeback as a a stand… Read More

Feathers, and Crystals, and Pearls, Oh My!

They say the devil is in the details. Well we think the fun is in the details and that was especially true for this set of bouquets for our bride, Thao. She wanted something really “girly” and since… Read More

Sunny Yellows at Sunnybrook Estate

This special wedding for a good friend from high school meant it was even more important for the flowers to be perfect. Having known the bride, Nicole, for over 10 years I had to make sure to use… Read More

French Chic in Wedgewood Blue

Details matter in a wedding. Attention to detail can mean the difference between “meh” and “wow” even on a small budget. No bride understood this better than Cheryl, who knew exactly what she wanted in every aspect of… Read More